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The Dangers of Owning a Convertible Car


Convertible cars are highly sought after – who hasn’t wanted to drive one, to own one and spend sunny days driving around with no roof, just bright rays and fun? As exciting as convertibles appear to be, they aren’t always the best car to have. With a cloth roof that offers little protection, an open top, and many other unusual differences from more traditional cars, owning a convertible can be a dangerous adventure. Here are some of the biggest drawbacks to having a convertible car.

You Lose a Lot of Space

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints of convertible owners is the limited space that comes with them. Convertibles are typically only two-door cars, meaning it’s difficult to get into the backseat – if a backseat even exists. Thanks to the retractable roof of a convertible, owners also lose space in the trunk of the car, as trunk space is eaten up by the area in which the roof rests when down. These little cars can’t hold a family, luggage, or items like golf clubs.

You’re More Vulnerable in Crashes

In addition to being tiny in terms of space, convertibles leave little space in car crashes as well. Because of their unique construction and limited space, they are less rigid and solid in their bodies. In the event that your convertible rolls over, or flips during an accident, no protection is offered from above. Traditional vehicles have immobile roofs and sturdy protection from all angles, but convertibles leave you unprotected and easily hurt.

You’re Exposed to Many Elements

As you drive, or ride, around with the top of your convertible down, you’re exposing yourself to quite a few elements. With no overhead cover, you’re completely exposed to the sun and its damaging rays. Leaving the top down regularly can cause significant wrinkles and dark spots, both of which are signs of aging that can be advanced by prolonged harmful for your skin and health, sun exposure. Additionally, you could develop skin cancer if your face, arms, and chest are too often exposed while driving. Along with sun exposure is the harm of flying objects – as you drive, you have no protection when a convertible top is down, meaning anything from leaves and twigs to rocks and trash can hit and harm you. It’s a big risk to take, leaving yourself exposed to all that floats around on roadways and can fly into your convertible.

You Attract Thieves

Although any car can be a target for robbery, convertibles are the easiest to rob. After all, many people park their convertibles with the tops down, leaving the entire car exposed for thieves. Even if you do put the top up, a mere cloth cover is all that’s protecting your valuables and the car itself. It’s incredibly easy to break into a convertible, and with easy access to the controls, a thief could take the car in its entirety.

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How to Properly Wear a Seatbelt, and Seatbelt Laws in the U.S.A.


Seatbelts are present in every car on the market today – although the laws regarding the importance of seatbelts weren’t always so popular or even common. Decades ago, seatbelts weren’t a necessity, but rather a hindrance according to drivers and passengers who weren’t yet used to the device. However, after years of research and crash-based evidence, the seatbelt has become a crucial component of vehicles everywhere. When worn properly, seatbelts save lives in horrible car accidents. If you are unsure if you’re wearing your own seatbelt correctly, and adhering to the seatbelt laws of the United States, here are the specifics on strapping in.

Seatbelts are a requirement in nearly every state throughout the U.S. – but the laws aren’t exactly the same in each one. U.S. seatbelt laws vary dependent on the state, and failing to wear one carries different levels of punishment in different areas as well. First, New Hampshire is the only U.S. state that does not require seatbelts in a vehicle; all other 49 states do. Depending on your own state, or one that you’re visiting, not wearing your seatbelt could fall under primary or secondary enforcement. In the case of primary enforcement, a police officer can pull you over and issue a ticket if you are seen without a seatbelt. In a secondary enforcement situation, an officer can only stop you or issue a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt if you committed two violations at once – a primary violation, like speeding or running a stop sign, and the seatbelt violation.

To ensure that you don’t get caught without a seatbelt, or end up injured in an auto accident, it’s important to fasten your seatbelt correctly. Before the car begins moving, sit with your back and hips against the back of your seat. You want to rest against the seat back so that you don’t slide underneath the bottom strap of the seatbelt once it’s fastened, as this can cause entirely different injuries in an accident. Next, pull the seatbelt across your body, making sure the straps aren’t twisted or stuck, and insert the metal “tongue” into the buckle next to your hip.

Although you’re now officially buckled in, there are a few more steps to make sure the seatbelt can keep you safe. Grab the diagonal strap across your chest, pull it outward, and release it back against your body. For women, make sure to wear the seatbelt between your breasts and not on either side. This will provide the most security if an accident occurs. This eliminates any excess slack, keeping you securely in place against the seat back. If the lap strap feels too loose, you can also pull upwards on the diagonal chest strap to tighten that waist strap for added security.

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Hybrid Vehicles Are Becoming More Versatile Every Day


They’ve become increasingly familiar on roads in every country, and increasingly popular with drivers everywhere in the years since their introduction: hybrid cars, the automobiles that run not solely on gasoline, but electricity and other sustainable methods. With the ever-rising prices of gas and cost of maintaining gas-powered vehicles, more and more drivers are choosing hybrid cars. Although they were once considered somewhat inferior, or too new, compared to gasoline driven cars, hybrids have come to surpass traditional cars in many different areas. Here are the reasons why more and more drivers are selecting hybrids as their new car choice.

They’re Increasingly Safe

If you’re worried about the safety of a hybrid vehicle, there’s no need to be concerned – these cars are just as safe as traditional gasoline cars. Hybrid cars are designed to keep their passengers safe, and are built with absorbing body structure that feature high-strength steel to absorb the impact of potential crashes. Additionally, they feature as many airbags as possible to increase safety; the Toyota Prius V, for example, includes seven airbags to protect in accidents from any angle. This hybrid even features a knee airbag for the driver, in an effort to protect these precious joints from slamming into the dashboard upon impact. Another added safety measure is collision prevention – many hybrid cars come with rear and front cameras, and can alert drivers when an accident is possible

They’re Aerodynamic and Powerful

Hybrids may not look like most cars on the road, but they’re designed differently for a reason. Many hybrids are meant to be even more aerodynamic than gasoline powered cars, in order to further reduce their dependence on gas. Their sleek shaping and lightweight body build help these vehicles to travel quietly and quickly. Though they can fit an entire family inside, the cars are quite light in weight, which also helps them to be more powerful when driven. Easy to maneuver and reported as quite agile, hybrid cars feature an aluminum build that benefits in many driving situations.

So, if you’re considering a hybrid as an option for your next new car, you’ll be pleased to discover just how much they offer drivers. You won’t be shortchanging yourself by choosing a hybrid; in fact, you’ll be reaping the benefits of all these eco-friendly vehicles have to offer.

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Why Using Air Conditioning In Your Car Everyday Is Bad For Your Skin

Air conditioning

The hot, sticky and prickly sensation brought by the sun’s rays can often be unbearable, especially during the height of summer. Even a short walk from your office to the parking lot can often take a toll when the temperature is on the rise. The instantaneous thing we do as soon as we enter our vehicles is to turn on the car’s air con to ward off the heat.

While the cool blast of the air conditioning unit in your car can momentarily relieve you from the hot weather outside, there is a downside with regularly exposing yourself to this cold air. And it’s not just the sudden change of temperature that has a negative consequence on your body, including your skin.

Sweating is the natural’s body to cool the body. However, air conditioning draws moisture from your skin and does the cooling itself, replacing your body’s perspiration with cold air. The normal response of your body to heat becomes hampered and the body becomes confused. Also, when moisture is absent, the skin becomes flaky and itchy. Imagine being exposed to this scenario on a daily basis and your body’s automatic response to heat will be damaged.

The thing is: you are exposed to air conditioning for almost the entire day – at home, in the office, in the grocery store, and even in your car. Albeit you cannot control being exposed to air conditioning in public venues or in your office, you can manipulate the one in your home or in your car. You can limit its use in these places. Also, you can take other precautions to keep your skin from drying.

  1. Apply cream or lotion on your skin to moisturize it. Do this at least thrice a day to reduce the drying effect of air conditioning on your skin. Also use a lip balm to keep it from cracking.
    2. Drink lots of water, at least eight glasses a day.
    3. Keep your air conditioning’s temperature at 25 degrees Celsius.
    4. If you are on a long drive, particularly in suburbs or in the countryside, you can turn off your air con and bring your windows down to let fresh air in and circulate.
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What Else Can We Use A Hybrid Vehicle For?


These days with more advancements of hybrid vehicles and them also being introduced into larger SUV’s as well as smaller cars, we can now use them for more than just getting from point A to point B. Everything from getting a good night sleep in your car to off-roading your hybrid vehicle. Find out what the full list is below.

Charging Station

There is a bonus of having so many batteries connected to your car. You can use it as a charging station! Think of all the things you can charge from there. Laptop, phone, portable battery packs, jumpstart other cars, and the list goes on. Just make sure you check your owner’s manual to see if your model of vehicle is appropriate for this. Or get a second opinion before you start plugging things into your hybrid.


You can even get a good night sleep in many of these hybrid cars, especially since they now offer SUV’s in hybrid models. Bring a sleeping bag and thin foam mattress and you are set for the night. Especially great for short camping trips as there is far less setup. Also, ever get tired of drying out a wet tent? Sleeping in your hybrid SUV is great for when camping in the rain. This could never be done previously (or at least comfortably) before hybrid SUV’s were introduced.


As hybrid vehicles increase in popularity, so is their presence on TV and billboards. I have now seen quite a few ads on TV and more for new hybrid cars. But I have also seen ads with hybrid cars in them, one was a weight loss ad. I guess they are trying to make the companies look more green and better for us. Either way, I am glad that hybrid vehicles are getting more exposure.


While hybrid SUV’s have only been around for a few years, they haven’t really hit the off-roading market. However, there are a couple of light 4WD’s that can do ok off road such as the Ford Escape 4WD. While I wouldn’t want to take this on anything anywhere near extreme, it is capable of light off-roading and getting out into the country. Hopefully we will soon see more capable vehicles such as a Jeep Wrangler offered as a hybrid.


This one is actually common in some cities, but should be a lot more common around the world. With the amount of miles / KM’s taxi’s drive, they should always be a hybrid vehicle. If you have travelled a bit, you would have noticed some shocking options for taxis such as a Chevrolet Suburban non hybrid version. I mean who’s idea was this? Do you have any idea how much gas these things use? And as a taxi! Bad idea. Luckily the Suburban now comes in a hybrid model.


Hybrid Vehicles

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The Shift Towards Hybrids

The Hybrid Shift

Hybrids are not as slow, ugly, and impractical as they used to be. I mean just look at the car above. This is great news for people that want to save money on gas and be more environmentally friendly. There are different types of hybrid vehicles, each with different advantages. They are also getting more practical and fun to drive with a range of vehicle sizes. Sizes range from the smallest of cars to the largest of SUV’s.

Reduced Emissions And Gas Consumption

Most hybrid engines achieve better gas consumption then their equivalent gas combustion engine. In most of these cases, it is a far better gas mileage result. Not only you will get better gas mileage, but also reduced emissions. This is great for the environment and good news for your future babies who will live in a cleaner and healthier world. Many people don’t know it, but there are actually 3 different types of hybrid engines:
1. A combination of electric and gas engine. This means that you can have a smaller engine to retain the same power
2. Having a large source of batteries. These are the ones that store and recapture energy. This type is great in start / stop traffic
3. The third type is capturing the braking energy of a car which is normally wasted. This can reuse some of that braking energy as kinetic energy.

More Practical

These days’ hybrid vehicles are getting more practical. When they first came out, the car had an engine in the front and a whole stack of batteries in the back which made it very unpractical. But I guess that didn’t matter much back then as hybrids range was rather poor. Now batteries have decreased in size so if you want to go play a round of golf, you now have enough room for your golf clubs or camping gear in the trunk. Or if you are going camping for the weekend, guess what, you have enough space.

It’s Not All Good Though

Unfortunately there is a downside to hybrid vehicles. While they do use far less gas then a regular combustion engine, there is the issue of disposing of the batteries. Most hybrid vehicles use either a lithium iron or nickel metal battery. These are far more environmentally friendly then most car batteries which are lead batteries. This being said, hybrids use many more batteries. The good news is that there are currently government initiatives at the moment to recycle these batteries.



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Fastest Hybrid Cars In The World

Fastest Hybrids

Hybrid cars are becoming so popular these days that even the high end manufacturers are using hybrid technology. And I’m not talking about BMW and Mercedes. I’m talking about Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and Koeninsegg. These companies are using hybrid technology to boost the power output of their super cars basically making them hyper cars that will stretch your skin! Here is the list of the current fastest hybrid cars in the world in no particular order.

Koeninsegg Regera

The Koeninsegg Regera was just released. It claims to be the fastest hybrid super car on the market. It has a very healthy 1,500HP and takes less than 20 seconds to go from 0-249 mph! But these cars are not cheap, they will actually cost you around $1.9 million. Now that is a lot of money for a second car, because let’s face it, this isn’t exactly a daily driver. The Koeninsegg Regera will be a super rare car also, with only 80 cars will be produced at this stage.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari’s recent edition, the LaFerrari, has certainly turned many heads. It certainly looks the part of a super car and has the performance to match. A 0-60mph time in less than 3 seconds, top speed of 217mph and 963 HP! Only 499 Ferrari LaFerrari vehicles will be made at a mere cost of $1.3 million.

McLaren P1

McLaren has come a long way since the McLaren F1. The brand new P1 boasts a mind blowing 2.8 seconds to 60 miles per hour. A top speed of 217mph (which has been limited by the way). The P1 is due out next year but at this point, the price unknown but expected at over a million dollars.

Porsche 918 Spyder

The Porsche 918 is possibly the fastest of all hybrids but that is up for a bit of debate. 0-60mph in only 2.5 seconds, the 918 has 887 HP with a top speed of 214 mph.

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Delicious Snack Ideas For Your Hybrid Road Trip

Road Trip

A road trip can be a time where you have an extremely unhealthy binge of junk food or a time of eating healthy snacks. So many of us don’t bring any snacks on a road trip and end up going to a gas station and get a whole bunch of junk food and probably feel pretty sick afterwards. But there is good news, with only a little planning, you can organize healthy and delicious snacks before you start your road trip.

Below we have listed some of our all-time favorite road trip snacks. Believe me, we have been on quite a few road trips and have tried the junk food and healthy snack options and we always just feel so much better and happier when we eat healthy. So here are our favorite road trip snacks.


Nuts is a great option for a road trip and really easy to organize before your trip. All you need to do is to go to the supermarket and pick up some in the bulk food isle. We always like to use the bulk food isle whenever possible as you can actually get the exact amount you want, there is less environmental waste without all that packaging, and is usually cheaper.

Homemade Protein Bars

While homemade protein bars do require a little more preparation, they are an awesome, delicious, and healthy snack. Whereas store bought protein bars which are often unhealthy and don’t taste great, homemade protein bars are delicious and are great for road trips. Another great thing about them is that you can make them into all different sizes so you can have bit size protein bars or something a little larger for when you’re hungrier.

Healthy Drinks

When many of us road trip we want some soda to help with the drive. But soda is really bad for us, we all know it but some of us refuse to believe it. Diet soda is in the same category – very bad. Instead of drinking things like soda, try one of the following: water, sparkling water (for that carbonated craving), tea, natural fruit juice, or coffee.


Fruit including dried fruit are great road trip snacks. Make sure you prepare all your fruit before you leave as you will need to wash and depending on the fruit, cut into appropriate sizes. This is another great option for road trips.


Energy Food
How Stuff Works

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Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Hybrid Cars


We hear so much about hybrid vehicles these days but don’t often hear which is most fuel efficient. Before this, we were looking into how much power these things had as there were a lot of skeptical people out there who thought that that would first need to lose weight before they could get behind the wheel of a hybrid vehicle. But not anymore. Hybrid vehicles are actually getting pretty powerful with enough power to comfortably drive a full size SUV.

So what are the top 5 most fuel efficient hybrid cars?


2014 VW Jetta Hybrid


2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid


2014 Honda Accord Hybrid


2014 Toyota Prius Liftback Hybrid


2014 Toyota Prius C Hybrid

So there you have it, the Toyota Prius is currently the most fuel efficient hybrid vehicle. And I think that you will agree with me when I say that hybrid vehicles are getting much more attractive both in the looks department and in the efficiency aspects. Compared to the non-hybrid vehicles, these get far better efficiency and are much greener to drive.