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The Hybrid Shift

The Hybrid Shift

Hybrids are not as slow, ugly, and impractical as they used to be. I mean just look at the car above. This is great news for people that want to save money on gas and be more environmentally friendly. There are different types of hybrid vehicles, each with different advantages. They are also getting more practical and fun to drive with a range of vehicle sizes. Sizes range from the smallest of cars to the largest of SUV’s.

Reduced Emissions And Gas Consumption

Most hybrid engines achieve better gas consumption then their equivalent gas combustion engine. In most of these cases, it is a far better gas mileage result. Not only you will get better gas mileage, but also reduced emissions. Many people don’t know it, but there are actually 3 different types of hybrid engines:
1. A combination of electric and gas engine. This means that you can have a smaller engine to retain the same power
2. Having a large source of batteries. These are the ones that store and recapture energy. This type is great in start / stop traffic
3. The third type is capturing the braking energy of a car which is normally wasted. This can reuse some of that braking energy as kinetic energy.

More Practical

These days’ hybrid vehicles are getting more practical. When they first came out, the car had an engine in the front and a whole stack of batteries in the back which made it very unpractical. But I guess that didn’t matter much back then as hybrids range was rather poor. Now batteries have decreased in size so if you want to go play a round of golf, you now have enough room for your golf clubs in the trunk. Or if you are going camping for the weekend, guess what, you have enough space.

It’s Not All Good Though

Unfortunately there is a downside to hybrid vehicles. While they do use far less gas then a regular combustion engine, there is the issue of disposing of the batteries. Most hybrid vehicles use either a lithium iron or nickel metal battery. These are far more environmentally friendly then most car batteries which are lead batteries. This being said, hybrids use many more batteries. The good news is that there are currently government initiatives at the moment to recycle these batteries.

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Unusual Uses For A Hybrid Vehicle


These days with more advancements of hybrid vehicles and them also being introduced into larger SUV’s as well as smaller cars, we can now use them for more than just getting from point A to point B. Everything from getting a good night sleep in your car to off-roading your hybrid vehicle. Find out what the full list is below.

Charging Station

There is a bonus of having so many batteries connected to your car. You can use it as a charging station! Think of all the things you can charge from there. Laptop, phone, portable battery packs, jumpstart other cars, and the list goes on. Just make sure you check your owner’s manual to see if your model of vehicle is appropriate for this. Or get a second opinion before you start plugging things into your hybrid.


You can even get a good night sleep in many of these hybrid cars, especially since they now offer SUV’s in hybrid models. Bring a sleeping bag and thin foam mattress and you are set for the night. Especially great for short camping trips as there is far less setup. Also, ever get tired of drying out a wet tent? Sleeping in your hybrid SUV is great for when camping in the rain. This could never be done previously (or at least comfortably) before hybrid SUV’s were introduced.


As hybrid vehicles increase in popularity, so is their presence on TV and billboards. I have now seen quite a few ads on TV and more for new hybrid cars. But I have also seen ads with hybrid cars in them, one was a weight loss ad. I guess they are trying to make the companies look more green and better for us. Either way, I am glad that hybrid vehicles are getting more exposure.


While hybrid SUV’s have only been around for a few years, they haven’t really hit the off-roading market. However, there are a couple of light 4WD’s that can do ok off road such as the Ford Escape 4WD. While I wouldn’t want to take this on anything anywhere near extreme, it is capable of light off-roading and getting out into the country. Hopefully we will soon see more capable vehicles such as a Jeep Wrangler offered as a hybrid.


This one is actually common in some cities, but should be a lot more common around the world. With the amount of miles / KM’s taxi’s drive, they should always be a hybrid vehicle. If you have travelled a bit, you would have noticed some shocking options for taxis such as a Chevrolet Suburban non hybrid version. I mean who’s idea was this? Do you have any idea how much gas these things use? And as a taxi! Bad idea. Luckily the Suburban now comes in a hybrid model.


Hybrid Vehicles

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Delicious Snack Ideas For Your Hybrid Road Trip

Road Trip

A road trip can be a time where you have an extremely unhealthy binge of junk food or a time of eating healthy snacks. So many of us don’t bring any snacks on a road trip and end up going to a gas station and get a whole bunch of junk food and probably feel pretty sick afterwards. But there is good news, with only a little planning, you can organize healthy and delicious snacks before you start your road trip.

Below we have listed some of our all-time favorite road trip snacks. Believe me, we have been on quite a few road trips and have tried the junk food and healthy snack options and we always just feel so much better and happier when we eat healthy. So here are our favorite road trip snacks.


Nuts is a great option for a road trip and really easy to organize before your trip. All you need to do is to go to the supermarket and pick up some in the bulk food isle. We always like to use the bulk food isle whenever possible as you can actually get the exact amount you want, there is less environmental waste without all that packaging, and is usually cheaper.

Homemade Protein Bars

While homemade protein bars do require a little more preparation, they are an awesome, delicious, and healthy snack. Whereas store bought protein bars which are often unhealthy and don’t taste great, homemade protein bars are delicious and are great for road trips. Another great thing about them is that you can make them into all different sizes so you can have bit size protein bars or something a little larger for when you’re hungrier.

Healthy Drinks

When many of us road trip we want some soda to help with the drive. But soda is really bad for us, we all know it but some of us refuse to believe it. Diet soda is in the same category – very bad. Instead of drinking things like soda, try one of the following: water, sparkling water (for that carbonated craving), tea, natural fruit juice, or coffee.


Fruit including dried fruit are great road trip snacks. Make sure you prepare all your fruit before you leave as you will need to wash and depending on the fruit, cut into appropriate sizes. This is another great option for road trips.


Energy Food
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Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Hybrid Cars


We hear so much about hybrid vehicles these days but don’t often hear which is most fuel efficient. Before this, we were looking into how much power these things had as there were a lot of skeptical people out there who thought that that would first need to lose weight before they could get behind the wheel of a hybrid vehicle. But not anymore. Hybrid vehicles are actually getting pretty powerful with enough power to comfortably drive a full size SUV.

So what are the top 5 most fuel efficient hybrid cars?


2014 VW Jetta Hybrid


2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid


2014 Honda Accord Hybrid


2014 Toyota Prius Liftback Hybrid


2014 Toyota Prius C Hybrid

So there you have it, the Toyota Prius is currently the most fuel efficient hybrid vehicle. And I think that you will agree with me when I say that hybrid vehicles are getting much more attractive both in the looks department and in the efficiency aspects. Compared to the non-hybrid vehicles, these get far better efficiency and are much greener to drive.