The Dangers of Owning a Convertible Car


Convertible cars are highly sought after – who hasn’t wanted to drive one, to own one and spend sunny days driving around with no roof, just bright rays and fun? As exciting as convertibles appear to be, they aren’t always the best car to have. With a cloth roof that offers little protection, an open top, and many other unusual differences from more traditional cars, owning a convertible can be a dangerous adventure. Here are some of the biggest drawbacks to having a convertible car.

You Lose a Lot of Space

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints of convertible owners is the limited space that comes with them. Convertibles are typically only two-door cars, meaning it’s difficult to get into the backseat – if a backseat even exists. Thanks to the retractable roof of a convertible, owners also lose space in the trunk of the car, as trunk space is eaten up by the area in which the roof rests when down. These little cars can’t hold a family, luggage, or items like golf clubs.

You’re More Vulnerable in Crashes

In addition to being tiny in terms of space, convertibles leave little space in car crashes as well. Because of their unique construction and limited space, they are less rigid and solid in their bodies. In the event that your convertible rolls over, or flips during an accident, no protection is offered from above. Traditional vehicles have immobile roofs and sturdy protection from all angles, but convertibles leave you unprotected and easily hurt.

You’re Exposed to Many Elements

As you drive, or ride, around with the top of your convertible down, you’re exposing yourself to quite a few elements. With no overhead cover, you’re completely exposed to the sun and its damaging rays. Leaving the top down regularly can cause significant wrinkles and dark spots, both of which are signs of aging that can be advanced by prolonged harmful for your skin and health, sun exposure. Additionally, you could develop skin cancer if your face, arms, and chest are too often exposed while driving. Along with sun exposure is the harm of flying objects – as you drive, you have no protection when a convertible top is down, meaning anything from leaves and twigs to rocks and trash can hit and harm you. It’s a big risk to take, leaving yourself exposed to all that floats around on roadways and can fly into your convertible.

You Attract Thieves

Although any car can be a target for robbery, convertibles are the easiest to rob. After all, many people park their convertibles with the tops down, leaving the entire car exposed for thieves. Even if you do put the top up, a mere cloth cover is all that’s protecting your valuables and the car itself. It’s incredibly easy to break into a convertible, and with easy access to the controls, a thief could take the car in its entirety.